As we are engaged in the complete dental treatment of our patients, we plan our treatments carefully and together with you. During the dental consultation, our specialists follow the own quality system of Dentys, which they perform in several steps during the 30-minute diagnostics.


During dental treatments, there are cases when oral surgery becomes necessary. Although, oral surgery interventions are more radical than ’traditional’ dental procedures, you can rely on our qualified specialists!

Dental replacement

Specialists of Dentys apply anti-allergic materials of the best quality exclusively, which they prepare according to your personal expectations, accurately fitted to your denture and face structure.

Dental Implantation

Dentys Dentistry in Győr offers fast and painless dental implants for your health and your smile! Find our dental clinic in Győr in the interest of the quickest recovery!

Oral hygiene

Although, it is a stereotyped phrase that in our boosted world we have less time for our health, experience shows that oral hygiene really became neglected. Have a routine dental care in the Dentys dental office!


Do you have an injured, broken or worn tooth? Has your front tooth discolored due to a filling a root canal therapy? Aesthetic dental services of Dentys help you get back your perfect smile.



We provide solutions for precise, flexible and facilitated artificial dentures for an even more comfortable wear, personally for you.


Do you have tooth socket problems? Does your gum bleed when tooth brush or is it too sensitive?  Periodontitis (or pyorrhea) is a very serious disease, so do not hesitate to check our periodontology services.



We believe that beyond the expertise and technical background, the most important factors are humanity and care, which are essential to our work, and in pediatric dentistry, as well.


Some decades ago root canal therapy was identified as a drastic and painful dental intervention. Nowadays, with the application of the highest technology, this treatment is a quick and painless routine dental intervention, similar to a tooth filling. On the preceding consultation  our colleagues will provide detailed information on this treatment, you will know exactly which tooth of yours will be treated.