Our Team

Gergely Dudás, DMD


I completed my studies at the Department of Dentistry of the University of Pécs. During my undergraduate years, my focus has been on making fixed and removable dentures and oral surgery. In the course of my work, I consider it important to use state-of-the-art materials and guidelines so that my patients can receive the highest level of patient-centered care that meets the professional expectations of the age.

During the treatments, I consider it essential to create a calm, patient-centered, friendly atmosphere so that my patients can feel safe during the interventions. I also want to ensure this by choosing time intervals of sufficient length. In my opinion, the time allotted for interventions also determines their quality, so I have no haste.


Dentist, Oral Surgeon

I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Szeged. Later I became a specialist in dental and oral diseases and dentoalveolar surgery. I have completed my professional training at hungarian universities and at the Department of Oral Surgery at the University of Vienna. Overall, I have over 20 years of experience in oral surgery and dental prostheses, and I have placed more than 7,000 implants and have performed hundreds of bone replacement operations.

In oral surgery, just like in implantology, I follow the so-called minimal invasive line, which results in a safe surgical procedure, besides the slightest surgical load, the least after-effect and the safest healing. In addition to my daily work, I am also a doctor referent of a german implantation system and I lecture at implantology courses.

I always keep in mind that the patients leave the surgery without pain and satisfied with the result of the planned treatment. Due to the feature of my work, I speak German and English.

Renáta Enikő Telegdy, DMD


I graduated in 2017 at the Department of Dentistry of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Marosvásárhely.  During my university years preventive dentistry, conservative-cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry became my labour of love.

In my job I consider primary the formation of a good and fearless relationship with my patients because usually many are afraid of dentists and dentistry treatments, which are correlated with some bad experience from the past. For this reason, consultation and the dental treatments happen in a good, direct and friendly atmosphere. I turn with patience, kindness and comprehension unto my patients. My most important goal is for my patients to leave from the dental cabinet being satisfied, both professionally and humanly alike. Trust me with confidence since a beautiful and aesthetic smile is an important part of our lives.

DENTYS Fogászat, Fogorvos Győr

Tünde Kis

Patient Coordinator & Assistant

I am a graduate student at the Széchenyi István University where I study BSc in Health Care Organization. I started my dental assistant training in September 2019. Through my studies within healthcare, I decided to further develop my skills,  and gained extensive anatomical and Latin skills that I can utilize in my field. My strengths include and empathetical mindset toward people and a tendency to make the most of my abilities. My personal goals are to familiarize myself with the expectations of both the patients and the doctors, the specifics of work processes, and to build relationships based on trust among others.

Dóra Hervay, DMD


I graduated in 2017 from the Faculty of Dentistry at Semmelweis University. During my university years, I worked as a student student at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, and at the Institute of Dental and Oral Surgery, I was involved in emergency patient care within the clinical talent management program.

In my work, I place great emphasis on prevention, aesthetics, and pain relief. My goal is to give patients confidence through healthy, regular dentures. I consider it important to continuously develop and learn the latest techniques both in general dentistry and in orthodontics, so in my spare time I broaden my horizons with various further training. I can say that I am fortunate because my job is also my hobby so I can fulfill my patients’ requests with heart and soul daily.

Ágnes Tóth-Bella


I studied on the University of West Hungary in Győr, on faculty economist in Tourism and catering, specialisation in Tourism and hotel industry.

It was determining in my choice of profession that I can profit from my open personality in my future job too. I have devoted a great deal of attention to learn foreign languages, so I can speak besides Hungarian language German and English also. I focus on communication and establishing and nurturing interpersonal relations in my professional and privat life as well. I bring it all with the necessary empathy and humor.

I strive to maintain a comfortable and friendly atmosphere at Dentys too.  I do my best to help  our „little” and „big” patients to leave their fear at the reception in order to sit calmly into the dentist chair.

Orsolya Mátyás, DMD


I am a new graduate from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Dentistry. I moved to Győr in the springtime. During my academic years I discovered how important is prevention and practicing good oral hygiene. Therefore I would like to put emphasis on how to maintain oral health as a practitioner.

The main aim of our profession is to provide a friendly, calm atmosphere, where our patient can receive a sufficient answer for any kind off occurring question. Furthermore I find it important as well to relieve their past unpleasant experiences related to any dental procedure, even in case of highly anxious patient. Therefore my main goal is to guarantee a painless and an up-to-date service in my everyday work.

Magdolna Szalay

Leading Dental Assistant

I graduated in 1998 from the Petz Lajos Secondary School of Health Care, Győr. I have a degree in general nursing and general assistant. I have been working in dentistry for 20 years as an assistant. Here at Dentys, it’s no different. My job is to help your doctor do his or her job so that he or she can focus on you to the maximum. In addition, as a senior dental assistant, they coordinate the assistant team in their day-to-day tasks.

All of this serves the purpose that when our patient arrives, a hygienic and orderly environment awaits them. My goal is to expand the collective knowledge of the practice with the two decades of experience behind me and to work together to create a system that is transparent, understandable, tangible.

Adrienn Oross


I started my studies at the Dániel Berzsenyi College and continued it at the University of West Hungary.  Here I have learned human studies.  In addition, I have always been interested in dental healing and oral hygiene. I had the opportunity to learn more about this area as part of a dental assistant training.

Now I can utilize and enrich the knowledge – that I have gained during the training- here at Dentys Dentistry. In addition to the continuous development of my profession, my goal is to work accurately and professionally, always keeping in mind the needs of patients. My people-centered and empathetic personality will help my everyday work. During my work as an assistant I give my full support to the dentists so that patients can experience dental procedures as a pleasant experience.

Oross Adrienn Dentys Fogászat Győr