What is the veneer?

2018. April 20.

Do not you feel satisfied with the appearance of your frontal teeth? Are your teeth discolored, broken, root-treated? Choose the veneer solutions and your smile will be perfect!

Shells (veneer)

The shell, also known as veneer, is a uniquely designed thin layered prosthesis most commonly placed on the lip surface of the front teeth. Application of shells is typically required when treating aesthetic defects. For example:

  • tooth development disorders (e.g. enamel hypoplasia),
  • Correction of discoloration that is not responding to whitening,
  • color-correction of root-treated and discolored crown,
  • replacement of broken, worn-out parts; closing of the teeth gap (diastema).

In certain cases, aesthetic correction of irregularly located teeth can be performed without orthodontics. Applying it together with preliminary teeth whitening provides outstanding tooth color correction. Basically, we distinguish between two types of shells, the direct shells and the indirect shells.

Direct shell, straight veneer

The direct shell consists of a composite coating requiring 1-2 treatments performed in the dentist’s office, which in many cases do not require the removal of your own tooth material. Treatment is done in one or two steps. First, the teeth should be carefully prepared for receiving of the veneer, after which the dentist is able to build up the tooth with high quality filling material. The direct skin is quickly prepared, as it is not necessary to involve extra work by a dental technician, thus the process is cost effective with spectacular results. It is less vulnerable and any subsequent correction can be performed easily.  

Indirect shell, indirect veneer

For indirect shells, preliminary preparation of the teeth is necessary, which means removing tooth material of 0.5 millimetre. Subsequently, the dentist will take the impression of the jawbones, for which a porcelain shell is prepared by a dental technician.  Dental porcelain is very similar to the natural color and light reflection properties of the teeth, providing you with an outstanding aesthetic effect. In the dental laboratory, the special shell is uniquely laminated for the sample taken, and then the special shell is “tried out” by the patient in the dental office. If the test is successful, that is, the veneer provides perfectly coverage and is comfortable, the treatment is finalized. The creation of an indirect shell typically takes about one to two weeks, 3-4 treatments, during which time a temporary acrylic shell can be made to ensure the patient’s total comfort.

Your standard of living depends not only on your health, make your teeth aesthetic too! We are available for you at the Dentys dental practice!