Reasons of bad breath and the possible treatment

2017. October 13.

For many people, having bad breath may cause serious and unpleasant problems on a date, or a work appointment or a talk with friends. Candies and chewing gums provide a quick but only a temporary solution, so our problem will remain! Would you like to know about the reasons which can lead to have bad breath as well as solutions offered by a dentist? Read our article below.

In most cases, bad breath can be caused by an oral hygiene problem. On our service list (oral hygiene) you might have read that maintaining good oral hygiene is very important. If we don’t care for your teeth and mouth, it can lead to several serious diseases, of which bad breath is a not-negligible symptom.

Bacteria and bad breath

In a less hygiene mouth, bacteria can reproduce quickly in the gaps between the teeth as well as on the back of the tongue, resulting in bad breath.  Having bad breath is also problematic because in most cases we don’t know about it. The most simple ‘bad breath test’ is scraping the back of our tongue and smelling it a minute later.  If you feel it smelly, it is likely to have the breath of the same smell. Further reason of bad breath can be too much pellicle, a possible and yet hidden carious tooth or having periodontal diseases, as well. In the mouth, the most common reason of having bad breath is to have periodontal diseases or carious teeth. These can be caused by the lack of good oral hygiene as well as dental care, because in the interdental embrasures pellicle accumulates in small packets, resulting in bad breath. Moreover, in the event of purulent inflammation of these packets, bad symptoms can be extinguished by tooth brush only temporarily. Furthermore, having calculary deposit on our teeth may also lead to have bad breath, as well. In any event, from dental aspects, having bad breath is a warning sign that our oral hygiene is not perfect. What can you do to prevent and avoid bad breath?

Regular tooth brushing with proper technique

The most essential prevention against bad breath is regular tooth brushing with the proper technique and using dental floss, as well.

Oral hygiene treatments

In order to avoid several smaller or bigger dental problems, oral hygiene treatments such as calculus removal  are available in our dental office, as well.

Regular dental screenings

In every case (having or not any problems) we recommend to contact us and have a quick and painless routine dental care in every 6 months.  During it, we control the conditions of your teeth and oral hygiene. Prevent your dental problems. In any event, we should mention the non-dental reasons of bad breath.

Periodontology Dental office hungary

Otolaryngology diseases

Having tonsillitis may be a problem factor. As the surface of the tonsils is not flat, pathogenic agents, died cells and other substances may attach to them easily on their surfaces or in their internal ducts. On the surface of the tonsils, these undesirable ‘things’ appear as small white ‘balls’. These balls can calcify and harden, resulting in having tonsillar stones. If you have recurring tonsillitis and you have bad breath, consult with an otolaryngologist specialist.

Stomach diseases

Stomach diseases may cause bad breath, as well. Having reflux, frequent burp, or—due to low-carb diet—ketosis may cause such unpleasant symptoms.

Mental health problems

did you know that too much stress may cause dry mouth? And dry mouth may cause bad breath? Try to avoid stress, and drink more frequently. 🙂

Lung and kidney diseases, diabetes

Having lung diseases—such as bronchitis or tumor—can cause bad breath, as well. If you have bad breath of serious degree, contact your medical practitioner as soon as possible! Patients with diabetes typically have acetone-like breath, while those with kidney diseases typically have urine-like breath. As you read in our summary, bad breath can be caused by several factors, and in some cases, the reasons may be very serious. Therefore, so as to avoid further health problems, we kindly ask you to come to us every 6 months for a routine dental care.

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