Immediate Dental Implant after Extraction

2019. May 14.

Immediate Implantation means, that the implant inserted after the tooth extraction within 48 hour.

Advantages of the immediate implantation

If we inserted the implant directly on the day of surgery, the gourmet can be able to keep that beautiful crescent-shaped contour, instead of would break down the bone. Afterwards tooth extraction, as a result crop up bone transformation, which nicely fill any remaining insignificant gaps between the teeth-ridge and the inserted implant. By that, the treatment time become shorter, and also the surgery less trauma for the patient, as the exploratory of the gum and the preparing of the guide holes has been canceled.

That explanation we use principally the dental plate of the aesthetic line (the front teeth section). In this case, the tissues surrounding the tooth ( bone, connective tissue, gums) do not deteriorate after the tooth removal. Along these lines, around the implant prosthesis can be able to achieve the ideal state of „pink-white” soft tissue. The advantages of urgent implantation is that bone loss can be disintegrated, so there is lower chance of bone replacement.


When the immediate implantation can not be done?

If majestic levels of inflammation occur during the tooth extraction and also if bone losses initiate, immediate implantation may can not be done. Periodontal disease is one of the most common causes for shifting teeth, so firstly it has to be treated before the implantation. Also immediate implantation can not be done for the following reasons: high level of bone loss after tooth extraction, gingivitis or inadequate bone substance. Because of the last reason, we can able to grounded an ideal place of the implantation with a bone grafting surgery. Inflammation of the gums or uncared-for teeth also cause

Immediate dental implant protocol

The first step is the tooth scaling, do the necessary focus diagnostics, and treat the decayed tooth.  After the demanded treatment we have the ideal circumstances for tooth extraction. With this therapy, we prepare for the dental implant. In other to maintain the bone graft in full measure, the tooth extraction is done with dental drill. Based on this bone the implant size and type can be choose well. After all these the wound is cleaned and ready to remove the inflamed tissue. The implantation is going to be implanted  within 48 hours. As the wound is getting healed the bone get integrated , and the outcome is going to be  a beautiful and original looking smile.


General check-up and consultation

Before the treatment is started, we hand over to every patient a personal treatment plan what includes the prices and further information about the therapy. The tooth extraction and the tooth implantation happen at the same time, therefore no more long waitings for tooth replacement. From preventative care to tooth replacement: we offer the entire range of modern dentistry services to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout your life.If you are looking for more information on any treatment please give us a call or drop us an email.


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