Why is it a good idea to have dental implantation?

2017. October 13.

However, most people are afraid of it the safest and most permanent solution for the correction of an edentulous area is to apply dental implantation. Although, dental implantation is a major medical intervention, but with the application of the highest technology of our age, as well as well-educated specialists, these interventions can be performed in a quickly and painless way.  Why is it worth considering to have dental implantation when dental prosthesis? Please, read our article below.

Dental implantation

Dental implantation is quite a practical solution for dental prosthesis. Just imagine a denture without incisor teeth. In this case, your dental specialist examines your maxillary bone and assesses the possibility for applying dental implantation.  If this examination has a positive result, the special medical titanium implant will be inserted. This is similar to a bolt fixed in your mandible, on which the new artificial tooth will be screwed. If dental implantation cannot be applied, the medical procedure is more stressful for your health, because in order to make any corrections, we should use the neighboring healthy teeth, as well. In this case, we should bur the neighboring teeth and we attach a metal frame to them. It covers the burred teeth (as we draw it on them) and it contains the ‘sample’ of the tooth to be restored. This metal frame will be covered with ceramics, providing such a dental result very similar to healthy teeth. If you check the differences of the two methods, you will see that although dental implantation seems to be more drastic, it affects the human denture less, because it does not   insult the neighboring teeth.

Implantation even for complete denture prosthesis

Implantation is a very practical solution even for complete denture prosthesis. Based on the previous example, if there is no whole tooth in the mouse, there is not a fixed point to attach the denture to, and in this case, inserted titanium implants seem to be a great solution, as well. As it is a serious and complex major medical intervention, we wouldn’t like to suggest that tooth implantation has no risks at all. So it has, this is why it is particularly important to consult with a reliable and qualified dental specialist, who can perform this intervention with the best technical devices and the highest competency. In our earlier articles you read about the reasons why we opened our Dentys dental office; we surveyed the dental market very carefully. This is why we can offer our services responsibly—Dentys dental implantation!

Tooth human implant. Dental concept.

Impact of edentulism on oral health

If you need dental prosthesis, we recommend you to contact with our dental office as soon as possible! The most visible problem is the aesthetic imperfection, which is the worst if located in the smile zone (anterior teeth). Furthermore, a ‘missing’ tooth hurts not only the eyes but also the ears, causing speech defect. Beyond aesthetics, there may an even larger problem at the neighboring teeth. Because of the missing tooth, chewing ability decreases, while the neighboring teeth become more loaded, what’s more, they can slant to the direction of the edentulous direction, while the opposite teeth can stand out of their locations, weakening their supporting structure. Summarising the above, edentulism should not be minimised (which is typical for the posterior teeth), because beyond aesthetic imperfection it can cause serious dental problems in your healthy denture!

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