Consequences of having missing teeth?!

2018. April 12.

You would not guess that in dentistry we differentiate between many types of tooth loss, and the only thing that’s more surprising is the fact on how many health consequences a loss of a tooth results in.

Loss of the lateral back teeth

In the lateral region, loss of a tooth deteriorates the process of chewing and mingling. It takes a lot of time for the food bite to be properly chewed, thus the existing teeth and parodontium can become overloaded.

Loss of the front teeth

Loss of a front tooth causes a problem for sound production and is also an aesthetically significant problem that creates a negative effect on the person’s appearance and self-confidence.

Our body is trying to compensate

Long-term lack of teeth causes changes in existing teeth. The body tries to compensate for the lack of teeth, so the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth tend to migrate, elongate (the teeth lengthen). They shift, collapse, “grow” towards the direction of the shortage, causing their roots to lose stability, along with reducing chewing power, which may soon lead to the loss of a healthy tooth too. The longer the tooth loss lasts, the more serious the consequences will be, which makes subsequent replacements more difficult.

Tooth loss will cause problems

Shifted teeth and overloaded functionality at the site of the tooth loss may result in periodontal damage, then degradation of bone, which leads to the loss of more teeth and makes later replacement more complicated and difficult.

As a result of the changed situation in terms of bite functionality, the mandibular joint and the surrounding muscle are also overloaded, which can lead to wear, looseness, painful inflammation, which will be very difficult to cure if at all possible to cure at a later stage.

In the light of these consequences, we can definitely say that you need the earliest possible treatment to protect your health. Depending on the extent of the lack of teeth, there are many options for replacements. Among the options, implantation is one of the best solutions.

In Dentys Dentistry, we utilize the outstanding quality of Camlog and Cortex implants to replace the missing teeth without the need to polish the existing and still intact teeth. Implantation is also recommended for complete shortage of teeth as the removable replacement can be made more stable and comfortable by their use.