Supplementation in a saturated market

2017. October 13.

In 2017 we decided to open our own dental office in Győr-Moson-Sopron County of Hungary. It seemed to be a bold idea to run an own practice in Győr, because the market had already been saturated 20 years before—as many others recognized the demand on local and dental tourism. With the Dentys team, we targeted the market gap of quality dentistry in the same segment but from a different approach. We tell you why it was not bravery, but rather a deliberate decision to establish our dental office, which serves your health.

At Dentys, we recognized that for providing quality dental services it is not enough to apply equipment of the highest technology and the knowledge of the best professionals, but there should be a coordinated system in which we focus on the patients. Probably, you have already visited other dental offices, so you may know that even the check-in process is not that easy, not to mention the waiting time as well as the treatment process. Did you know that dental care (in the broader sense also the complete health care) system can be designed in order to focus on your health and comfort? In Dentys, we realized this system.

Reconciliation without failures

For the first time you contact us via e-mail, telephone or personally, your data will be recorded in the Dentys system. At Dentys, there is no omitted personal data, booking errors or shuffles saying ‘we’re sorry but something came up’.  Data is stored in a safe computer system, which can be reached by both the receptionists and dentists managing it up-to-date. Therefore, we can guarantee that our staff is waiting for you prepared, providing care as quickly as possible. Here, you will not hear the following question: “Dr. XY, do you know where the file of the patient is?”

Dentys consultation – patient assessment

With the accurate recording of your personal data, the first step along the way of your care has already taken. The next step is a Dentys consultation. In our system, the most important point is when we make a complex assessment of 30 mins. on the condition of the patient’s teeth and oral hygiene.  Beyond the knowledge of our dental specialists, this process is assisted by our high-tech panoramic and periapical x-ray machines. Then, according to your state of health, wishes and extra demands, our specialists prepare your personal treatment plan. Now, let us explain what treatment plan exactly means, because we’re sure that you haven’t seen it in any dental office, yet. In Dentys, in the dental treatment plan, we record your health problems, which we explain you with details and visually. You will know about your problematic tooth as well as the modern and humane dental treatment offered. We consider this a very important step, because you will also understand the dental interventions, and you can prepare yourself mentally. (We would like to note that at Dentys you don’t have to be afraid of the treatments, because we apply modern, painless and quick treatment methods).

Dental treatment plan – several alternatives for your health

After you understood your problem(s) to be treated, we introduce the treatment process. At this stage, we don’t wish to compromise, either. With our modern methods we offer you humane and painless recovery, realized according to your demands and wishes. In the case for your health problem there are several treatment methods offered, according to your expectations, you can choose the method you rely on. Certainly, our specialists help you choose the best solution as for the cost-value proportionality, as well. Well, from the above three items you could discover the work in Dentys as well as its difference from other dental offices, however, the list of these items is long enough. We haven’t talked about our high-tech consultation rooms, well-educated specialists, friendly environment, and so on. Read about us, click on the following link to read our blog.

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