Dental replacement

Health, function and aesthetics: three basic requirements, which should be provided by dental prosthesis. Is there an injured or broken tooth? Or is it impossible to be restored with fillings? Dental implants and veneers without grinding? Did you know that a tooth can be rescued by several modern and painless treatments, which are available at Dentys dental office?


Specialists of Dentys apply anti-allergic materials of the best quality exclusively, which they prepare according to your personal expectations, accurately fitted to your denture and face structure. The careful planning and precision applied guarantees that dental intervention will be a quick and painless procedure.


  • Metal-ceramics porcelain crown
  • Nickel-free porcelain crown
  • Zirconium crown
  • Inlay
  • Onlay
  • Direct shell (veneer)
  • Pressed ceramic crown
  • Removable dental prosthesis
  • Preliminary consultation

Metal-ceramics, NIcKEL-free crown, zirconium crown

Don’t you completely understand the several different dental or dental prosthetic procedures? Rely on our specialists, who introduce you the advantages of each procedure highlighting the possible compromise solutions.  You can be sure that dental implants and crowns inserted in the Dentys dental office will be comfortable to wear in the longer-term, as well. For materials inserted in our dental office as well as the work of our specialist we take full responsibility.

Zirconium crown and dental prosthesis

Using zirconium crown is one of the most modern, the safest and most natural dental implantation method. It has several advantages, such as it does not have an allergenic potential, so it can be worn by people with metal allergy, as well.


Zirconium is almost completely similar to the material of our teeth: besides its color, its light transmission ability is also the same as human denture. Applying porcelain veneers, the difference between them is impossible to discover in the oral cavity. Have you ever seen a smile with metal-frame dental prosthesis? Have you seen discoloration around the tooth neck, which is due to the use of metal-frame? With the application of zirconium crown, you will have an imperceptible smile without the fear of having grey tooth necks.

Comfort and permanence

Certainly, one of the most important factor is comfort, which we can provide you in a longer-term, with a correctly built zirconium crown. Contact us for your first dental consultation  in the Dentys dental office, and take a step towards your perfect smile. Have a perfect smile and be self-confident. Choose a cost effective dental prosthesis which is as natural as possible, both in its look and wear. In the Dentys dental office, dental implantation and prosthesis require no compromises. Quality, permanent and natural-look dental implants and prostheses at DENTYS dental office.

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DENTYS dental replacement