Dental Implantation

Why is it important to replace our lost teeth? In addition to the aesthetic defect, the lack of teeth can cause serious health problems, weaken the intact teeth and cause degenerative changes in the jawbone. No matter if the cause is an accident or illness, do not wait to replace our lost teeth.

To eliminate the lack of teeth, dental implantation provides a durable and safe solution. Thanks to modern technology and materials, the missing tooth can be replaced hardly without noticing the process and teeth function can be fully restored.

What is dental implantation?

The first step to remedying lack of teeth by the use of dental implants is careful preliminary examination. Dentys dentists examine the condition of teeth, gums and the jaw. This is a particularly important step since implantation is one of the more drastic dental interventions, thus preparation is particularly important! If the test is positive, local anaesthesia can be used to implant the special implant made of medical titanium. The dental implant is very similar to a screw attached to the jaw. This “screw” will fix the prosthesis.

One week after the dental implant, the sutures used during the procedure are removed. The total healing process usually takes 3-4 months. Interestingly enough, implants are so well accepted by the human body that during this time the dental implants become completely surrounded by bone cells. This “connection” ensures the durability of the dental implant.

When do we recommend implantation?

  • When one or two teeth need replacement. In this case, there is no need to grind the intact neighbors.
  • In the absence of the rear chewing teeth. The absence of the back teeth can cause particularly great problems in chewing
  • Implantation is a sure and lasting solution for complete teeth failure

How do we fix the implant?

We offer various prostheses for our titanium implants according to your needs. The implants themselves form only the foundation, and the new prostheses are fixed to these. The prosthesis can be made of zircon ceramic, cermet, or press ceramic.  


Implantation is a very effective solution when replacing several teeth or the entire denture. If there is no intact tooth left in the mouth, there is nothing to attach the denture to, and thus implanted titanium implants can be made good use.

Dental implantation is a serious and complex medical intervention, so it is especially important to get help from a reliable dental specialist with great expertise who will do their best with the best means of doing the procedure! Choose dentists from Győr Dentys!

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