Friendly environment and good workplace

2017. October 13.

Ask yourself about the most important things in a dental office. Are they high technology dental devices? Or would you rather emphasize comfort? It’s not that easy to choose. This is why in Dentys, we decided not to compromise, but to combine high-tech technical background with comfort, not only for our patients but our colleagues, too. Discover our office with the ’eye of a patient’.

In our office, we intend to minimize waiting times, although, some minutes of idle may occur. In the shops or bureaus, we don’t like waiting, either, especially at the doctor before a medical intervention. Thus, we equipped and furnished our waiting room to provide a comfortable, friendly and peaceful area.


Comfort has several aspects. One of them (generally admitted subsequently) is accessibility.  Our dental office is approx. 10 mins. far from the city center of Győr, located in a suburban region, with own car parking facility for several cars. So as to get to us, you don’t need to walk minutes or get lost in stairways, because you can find us very easily and quickly. From the parking area you get to our air-conditioned waiting room, where you can even meditate in our comfortable chairs while listening to soft music. We know that dental specialists are ‘queer fish’ people, who like the sound of drills—but nobody else does. Now, we hereby would like to reassure you that in our waiting room you will not hear any disturbing sounds of other treatments.

Modern and stylish

However, our dental office has a uniform clear design, we paid attention not to create a sterile environment. To tell the truth, we wouldn’t like to work in such an atmosphere, either. Ideally, our patients visit us rarely, once in every 6 months, but we work here day by day, thus it should provide a comfortable area for the colleagues, as well.  We have an own kitchen corner, and in the basement, a relax room provides peaceful moments for the members of the Dentys team. Sofas, armchairs, personal wardrobes, bathing facility provide continuous physical and mental refreshing for us. This is very important for both of us: because this way we can do our best for you. Interesting fact: When you enter our dental office, you will immediately see our information desk. We can say that it is the jewel of our waiting room, because it has been designed and prepared by Ottó Nagy painter, who is the brother of one of the founding members of Dentys. Megbízható fogászat Győr

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