Some decades ago root canal therapy was identified as a drastic and painful dental intervention. Nowadays, with the application of the highest technology, this treatment is a quick and painless routine dental intervention, similar to a tooth filling. On the preceding diagnostics  our colleagues will provide detailed information on this treatment, you will know exactly which tooth of yours will be treated.


The root canal therapy

Tooth necrosis (which may occur due to deeper untreated decay or any other major trauma) can appear without any symptoms, having only small signs on the surface; this is why we recommend taking an x-ray at the consultation. Does your tooth ache when you drink something cold or hot? Do you feel a pulsation in some of your teeth? In order to stop inflammation process, please, contact your dentist, as this may be reversed by medication in the early stage. Did you know that your inflamed teeth may cause rash, arthritic diseases, hair loss or myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscles), as well? Prevent the major problems and the appearance of potential focuses, have your decayed teeth treated as soon as possible. The Dentys specialist will help you.

The process

Generally, the root canal therapy process has two stages. During the first intervention, we open up the inner area of the tooth and with a special dental device we remove the dental pulp.  We disinfect the hole and fill it up with a medicated filling. This temporary filling has a calming effect and remains in the tooth until the next intervention. During the second (and final) intervention the canal area will be filled with a rubber-like substance, which hermetically seals the pulp canal and the inner area of the tooth. Then, we seal the tooth finally, if necessary, with a special filling material we build the missing parts back. In some days later, the tooth can be fully loaded.

Worry free root canal therapy

In your whole life, you can use your canal treated tooth without any problems, but it is a false belief that the canal treated tooth cannot decay. It requires the same hygiene as other healthy teeth, moreover, because of the missing pulp, canal treated teeth may become fragile with time. Pulp consists of veins and nerves, during root canal therapy this is what we remove.

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DENTYS root canal therapy