Do you have tooth socket problems? Does your gum bleed when tooth brush or is it too sensitive?  Periodontitis (or pyorrhea) is a very serious disease, so do not hesitate to check our periodontology services.

Periodontology is the specialty of dentistry which studies the supporting structures of teeth, as well as the prevention and treatment of the different gingival and periodontal diseases. Either treat the inflamed parts or partially or fully restore the tooth socket, the Dentys specialists are ready to serve your health with their high level of expertise as well as equipment of the highest technology.

You might not think that almost 90% of the adult population of Hungary are affected by a type of periodontal or gingival disease. Gingival inflammation can lead to even the loss of the complete denture.  When having even the slightest symptoms (such as dark red colored and receding gum, or bleeding when tooth brush) please, contact with our specialists.

Periodontology services:

  • Periodontitis treatment
  • Treatment of periodontal diseases of the tooth socket
  • Gingival plasty surgery


Periodontitis may be prevented by good oral hygiene (although sometimes it has genetic reasons), which requests attention and regularity. The base of the prevention of periodontitis is regular good tooth brush and oral hygiene, the good nutrition having appropriate vitamin and mineral consumption. Smoking should be avoided, and having a routine dental care in every 3-6 months as well as regular calculus removal treatment are highly recommended.  Periodontitis as well as periodontal disease of the tooth socket slowly becomes an endemic problem, you shouldn’t be a victim of it. Make a reservation now at Dentys, and consult with our specialist of dentistry and oral hygiene.

Gingival plasty surgery

Our gum is a soft tissue full with collagen, which function is to cover tooth neck protecting the tooth against bacteria. There are cases when the gum retracts, it is called gingival recession. It causes not only aesthetic problems, but can lead to serious infections, in extreme cases to the loss of teeth, as well.  Gingival recession is a quite unpleasant feeling, having high levels of sensibility for strong cold-hot temperatures, pain while tooth brush and decay of the tooth neck.

Gingival plasty surgery restores the correct shape of the gum around the tooth neck, (therefore, the gum will cover the tooth in the correct ‘height’), in the right and ideal form, as well. In some cases, while gum correction surgery, the missing gum is supplemented with tissue from the free flap of the palate.

There are cases, when against gum recession, the soft tissue descends causing a ‘gummy smile’. In our dental office, with gingival plasty surgery, we can restore the aesthetic line of your gum.

Are you suffering from periodontities, receding gum or a gummy smile?  In order to make your gum problem-free, in our dental office, we provide complex gingival plasty services.

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DENTYS services for periodontitis and gingival plasty surgery