As dental specialists we know that our profession is not among the most popular ones. We face with this ’dislike’ particularly in the field of pediatric dentistry.  In our office, we use dental devices and methods of the highest technology, which guarantee quick and painless treatments. We believe that beyond the expertise and technical background, the most important factors are humanity and care, which are essential to our work, and in pediatric dentistry, as well.

Our basic activity is healing, but prevention and education are also very important, especially for children. We provide detailed information for them too, decreasing stress and fear from dental treatment. This is elemental in pediatric dentistry.


PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY – attention and tenderness

However, in its basic principles, pediatric dentistry doesn’t differ from adult dentistry, treatments and interventions require greater attention. It is not enough to treat diseased teeth, but to pay attention to the children’s every movement as well as the appropriate (sometimes over secured) anesthesia.  For children, we target to keep (rescue) and protect original teeth. Materials and substances applied during the treatments of pediatric dentistry are safe, and the potential allergens become assessed in time, during the dental consultation.

Pediatric dentistry services:

Children’s oral hygiene

The oral hygiene education of children should be started when the first primary tooth appears; this time it is worth consulting with one of the pediatric dentists in Dentys. This is a very important meeting, because your child will receive a positive feedback about dental offices and dentistry. We provide detailed information on the know-how of dental hygiene for children.  By the age of 2, all primary teeth will have been appearing, so you should be prepared for the correct hygiene procedures.

Children’s dental care

We recommend having a dental care in every 6 months for children, as well.  As for the primary tooth decay process is very quick, regular dental screening is very important. Our pediatric dentists perform a complete examination. They control teeth conditions and identifying abnormalities and diseases they suggest solutions for both the parents and children in time.

If you would like to keep the health of your children’s teeth in a long term, our specialists will be your humane and child-centered partner.  Visit our dental office.

Pediatric dentistry At DENTYS dental office

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