Oral hygiene

Although, it is a stereotyped phrase that in our boosted world we have less time for our health, experience shows that oral hygiene really became neglected. The problem is not necessarily the lack of attention, because those of most proper ones can even have problems with their oral hygiene.  Nutrition, smoking, coffee consumption or simply the personal characteristics of our mouth/teeth (having deep grooves, or teeth to close together, etc…) can lead to oral hygiene problems. Have a routine dental care in the Dentys dental office! In Dentys, we consider it particularly important to prevent dental diseases as well as the quick and humane treatment of the slight symptoms. Beyond the health of the oral cavity and teeth, our oral hygiene services help you improve your aesthetic appearance,  as well!

Our oral hygiene services:

  • Professional complex oral hygiene treatment package
  • Polishing
  • Ultrasound scaling (calculus removal)
  • Tooth bleaching
  • Consultation
  • Dental tooth jewelries

Tooth bleaching in the dental office

Would you like to have safe and permanent shiny white teeth? Tooth bleaching with peroxide and bleaching light! Besides supplementary at-home tooth bleaching, appropriate nutrition and lifestyle, this treatment provides shiny white teeth even for a 2-year period. In the case you are planning to have a bleaching treatment, we recommend to get your dental diseases treated first, in order to adjust the bleaching procedure to the dentally treated teeth! Duration of the treatment is approx. 60 mins. and the procedure is painless.

The steps of the tooth bleaching procedure:

  • In Dentys, in all cases prior to dental interventions, there are dental diagnostics. It is a 30-minute talk while we make a complete patient assessment, and perform a personal treatment plan.
  • In the case, prior to the treatment we found everything alright, we start the bleaching procedure of approx. 1 hour.
    • During the treatment, depending on the expectations, for 6—17 minutes we are activating the bleaching material with a special light.
    • We perform three bleaching processes, between each process, we remove the bleaching material from the teeth and use a new quantity of peroxide.
  • After the three processes we check the teeth condition, tone and color, and if we are satisfied with the results, the procedure will end.
  • Dental office tooth bleaching may be supplemented with at-home treatment, as well, which will be introduced to our patients by our dentists!

It is a simple procedure, but it should be performed by a dental specialist! If you have any question, please contact us!

Oral hygiene services, tooth bleaching in DENTYS dental office!

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