We support the expertise of our professionals with dental equipment of the highest technology, so we can guarantee that correct assessment will be followed by a correct dental treatment. On the first consultation, prior to the treatment we examine the conditions of your oral cavity and teeth. If necessary, we take panoramic or digital x-ray (intraoral dental x-ray).  During the complex assessment you will receive a complete review on the condition of your teeth as well as the emerging or existing diseases. After analyzing the images, according to your personal requirements and expectations, we prepare our treatment plan with a written quotation attached to it. For complex treatments, in order to meet your personal requirements and expectations, we prepare treatment plans of several alternatives (price level, materials and methods applied). Our dental specialist will help you with providing detailed information on the process of each dental intervention as well as the materials applied. Make the best decision of yours, and choose Dentys dental office and its specialists.

Routine dental care in every 6 months

We recommend having a routine dental care in every 6 months in order to follow-up the health conditions of your oral cavity and teeth. With an extensive examination, we can avoid and reverse several serious problems.  Do not wait for the pain, make a reservation now or use our ‘reminder’ service.

On our dental diagnostics, we provide the following services:

Dental treatment starts with dental diagnostics

Do not forget, during the consultation, our specialists provide you a complete review of your teeth conditions, and make proposals for the prevention of their health. Not the treatment, but prevention is emphasized, so we recommend you to keep regular routine dental care.  If you wish, on the next occasion we can send you a short reminder, in order to help you keep the health of your teeth and oral cavity under control.

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