Do you need dental prosthesis, but instead implantations, you would rather choose an artificial denture? However, the quality of dental implantations performed in Dentys meets the highest requirements, for some patients, flexible artificial dentures offer a great solution. The correctly performed artificial dentures function well in our everyday life, without causing any discomfort when eating.

In Dentys we believe that perfect function and aesthetics of removable artificial dentures may be reached only if we focus on even the smallest details and expectations. This is why in all cases, our dentist colleagues organize a consultation with dental laboratory technicians, in order to guarantee comfort, usability and natural feeling.   Have a comfortable and wearable new denture, prosthesis.

An older picture, a talk about unpleasant experiences, the careful planning process and performance are the essential pillars of the performance of an artificial denture. Have a natural and comfortable denture, providing satisfaction for you and your environment, as well.  In Dentys, together with the best dental prosthetics laboratory, we create permanent quality.

Flexible artificial dentures

We provide solutions for precise, flexible and facilitated artificial dentures for an even more comfortable wear, personally for you.

Compared to the rigid metal or plastic dentures, flexible artificial dentures have several advantages. Flexible dentures are thin, and do not cover the whole palate, thus their wear is comfortable and almost imperceptible. All elements of the denture are allergen-free, its material meets the highest requirements.  The flexible artificial denture is impossible to break and its color is the same as our palate.

Make a good decision, and search for a dental office where your artificial denture is designed and performed personally for you. Don’t take a risk, have a comfortable and quality new denture; Dentys can guarantee it for you.  Get functions of teeth back with a comfortable and aesthetic new denture. In order to choose the best solution, please, consult with our dentists now.

Artificial dentures from a reliable dental office – DENTYS

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