Do you have an injured, broken or worn tooth? Has your front tooth discolored due to a filling a root canal therapy? Aesthetic dental services of Dentys help you get back your perfect smile.

Our dental specialists could be motivation trainers, as well, because after finishing their work, you become more satisfied as well as your self-confidence will increase, and the positive change will be visible to your friends, too. With the help of our dental specialists, you can easily choose the dental aesthetic treatment appropriate for you, as well as the additional materials. One thing is sure: if you visit us, you will be satisfied with the results.


Today, one of the trendiest aesthetic intervention /oral hygiene treatment  is tooth bleaching, which promises a quick and visible change, but just be careful. Did you know that in long term, tooth bleaching performed without a dental specialist may damage your teeth, and can lead to the loss of your teeth, as well?

If you would like to have healthy and perfect teeth, calculus treatment should be performed by the Dentys specialists. In order to provide the most appropriate treatment, calculus removal treatment starts with an extensive dental examination. Calculus removal treatment provided by Dentys is safe and painless, and guarantees an immediate change in your look. For beauty, we should do—so make a responsible decision and choose a reliable dental office.


  • Aesthetic fillings
  • Other fillings: neck of tooth, frontal tooth…
  • Temporary fillings
  • Sealing of pit and fissure
  • Direct shell
  • Anterior tooth restoration
  • Tooth bleaching
  • Tooth jewelry
  • Bleaching a root canal treated tooth


Do you remember for the old amalgam fillings? These silver amalgam fillings are very flashy, easily visible in the denture, especially if we apply them in the front teeth. However, for a long time, there hadn’t been any other filling materials, in the last decades, the aesthetic, light-curing filling materials as well as the most modern composites of nanotechnology became more popular. Against amalgam, any other modern material has several advantages, their application depends on the demands and expectations, as well as on the treatment to be applied.  If you would like to live together with a safe filling material in your tooth which is not harmful for your health either, please, ask for the help of the Dentys specialists.

Your living standard does not depend on your health, only, dental aesthetic appearance is also very important.  We are waiting for you in our Dentys dental office.


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